As a company that firmly believes in the potential of youths to better society, we aim to empower them to Think Critically, Write Creatively, Speak Confidently and Work Collaboratively. Being equipped with 21st century competencies, they can then be motivated to be leaders of their community and pioneers of change in the world.

The future of the world lies in the hands of youths today. Thus, we aim to be a key player in providing youths the opportunities to maximise their potential as future leaders. By inculcating skills that allow them to Think Critically, Write Creatively, Speak Confidently and Work Collaboratively, youths can be empowered to enact change and better the world around them.










Global Citizenship Program

With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, individuals, communities and institutions no longer serve functions and roles with impact limited to their own cities and communities... read more

Social Entrepreneurship

Using their business knowledge, ability to take risks and innovate, Social entrepreneurs are often the drivers of change in society. They broaden the definition of business success... read more

STEM Program

In today’s information-based and technologically advanced society, academic disciplines in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are seen as... read more

Sustainability Program

Sustainability or sustainable development essentially refers to the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own... read more

Service Learning

A hands-on approach to meeting the needs of the community, Service Learning provides an opportunity for students to enact tangible change in the lives of those they assist.... read more

Innovation Program

Innovators are problem-solvers.  They are able to look at a particular problem in society, and come up with various solutions for the problem.... read more

Leadership Program  

Youths today, are the future leaders of the world. Therefore, it is crucial that they are imparted with skills that will hone their leadership abilities... read more

Culture and heritage

Our GCI Culture and Heritage program offers international students a fun, enriching and inspiring way to get to know Singapore’s culture. A highly immersive program... read more